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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dewy Skin

I love love love our Flawless Beauty Primer – not only does it add luster to skin, it also hides imperfections and evens out skintone without you having to use foundation. It's the perfect dewy skin creator!

Packed full of amazing ingredients, this treatment primer does much more than create the perfect canvas.

Use a coin size amount and smooth all over face including around eyes and lips – it acts as a hydrating shield, correcting uneven skintone and adding a lustrous glow to tired skin. It “holds on” to any makeup you put on top and makes foundation stay fresh & in place longer.


The sheer peachy nude shade brightens up any skintone and is very versatile – there are so many ways to use it!

Try using as a highlighter for a complexion that is a feast for the eyes! Personally, I like highlighters with a warm pink or gold/peach tint to them because my skin is medium-to-tan & olive toned. If you have a fair-to-light or medium skintone, look for something in a paler nude, paler pink or white pearl with silvery shimmer. If you have redness in your skin, go for a yellow-toned nude or peach to even it out and cut out redness.

Apply on top of makeup, dabbing onto cheekbones, around the whole eye (even underneath), and onto high points of the face to add highlights.

Use around & on top of lips before translucent or nude gloss for a subtly glowing lip.

If you are using a cheek gel or cream blush, mix a drop or 2 into the colour before you apply to cheeks – this adds an ethereal glow.

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Try mixing Flawless Beauty Primer with any liquid foundation for a glowing complexion. Or mix with a lightweight oil for an illuminating body treatment that is super moisturizing – apply to neck, d├ęcolletage, arms and legs.

I always put it onto my hands before my rings for an evening out – it is so youth-enhancing.

The girls in the Pixi office love Flawless Beauty Primer! Here are their top tips for using this miracle worker: 
Arie – I wear it when my face is looking pale & dry – it moisturizes and the colour wakes up my skin. Also, the subtle shimmer makes my complexion look brighter & distracts from any blemishes. 
Colleen – I always use this before I go onto a plane – it really seals in moisture so my skin doesn’t get dehydrated. 
Kotoe – I love the glowing tint this gives me – I have combination skin, so I don’t apply it on my T-zone. I also like to use it on my cheeks (under blush) for a fresh, glowing effect. 
Megan – I use this as a glowy eyeshadow for when I want a natural eye, dabbing it on for a pretty sheen. 
Michelle – I prefer a natural look, so this works well for everyday use on me. 
Sara B. – I love to put this on my d├ęcolletage for a night out. 
Petra (I couldn’t resist putting mine in too :) ) – I have sun damage & this really evens out my skintone before foundation and it also keeps my skin hydrated all day.

Here are some great online reviews: 
“This primer is so excellent, no clogged feeling or silicone base feeling at all, works wonders alone or under makeup. Excellent and worth the money, goes a long, long way.”
“I was looking to try something different and looking for a primer and this was both. I typically don't spend this much on one makeup item, but this was worth it. My nose is a bit oily so I don't apply it there because it is shimmery, but the rest of my face loves it!

The press loves it too! Check it out in OK! & Star below:

Haven’t tried Flawless Beauty Primer yet? Get it today at – from now until November 12, enter code freeship at checkout to get free shipping with no minimum order required!

If you have tried it, let me know your favorite way to use it in the comment section below!


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