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Friday, November 16, 2012

Prepping for the Party Season

The countdown to the party season is starting this week, so now is the perfect time to do some self-maintenance! 

Here are some of my favorites tips and personal "must-do's" in the run up to the holidays:

1.  Nail Glitz! 

Get a treatment pedicure (and closer to the holidays, get a manicure as well); for now, get your feet ready for dancing and heels & put on a fun glimmery nail colour. 
Find Pixi Nail Colour Trio at:

These 3 super glam nail colours are my favorites right now - wear alone or add as a glimmery top coat to any nail colour you are already in love with.

Limited edition - grab one (or 2) while stock lasts! 

2.     Face Bronzing!

A hint of healthy colour on the face for the holiday season saves time and effort - not to mention that it makes you feel so much more alive every time you look in the mirror!

My all-time favorite self tanner for the face. Smooth, natural and lovely smelling. With facial tanners I think you definitely get what you pay for – this is expensive but worth it. 

3.     Brow threading – instant eye lift! 

Once a month or so, it's a great idea to have your brows professionally shaped - threading is my favorite way as it lasts so much longer than plucking (don't even think about waxing - not a good idea anywhere on the face!).

Blink Brow Bar in London:

In London, I always go to Blink Brow Bar at John Lewis on Kings Rd.

The girls there are true masters of their art of Indian threading. I was so excited to find on had opened at Heathrow Terminal 5 now as well! Why would you not do your brows when in transit - genius!

Also make sure to buy a great brow product to enhance them and fill in the shape, like our new favorite brow duo below.

Find Pixi Natural Brow Duo at:

The triangular shape of the crayon end makes it easy to do very fine, thin strokes. The gel on the other end blends the crayon, shapes & holds the hairs in place without getting stiff, which i hate! The gel is slightly tinted so that it also covers grey in a natural way (yes, really - I've found several lately!). 

4.     Dye your Eyelashes! 

Go to a salon - just get it done now - that way, you don’t have to wear mascara every day and will still look polished without makeup! :)
Find Salonsystem Eyelash Dye Starter Kit at: 

I force my sister to dye my lashes every time I see her - she is an esthetician, so it's kind of her own fault :)! She always mixes black & blue for me and it comes out beautifully super-black.

Get a new eye lash curler and make a habit of curling them - it makes all the difference.

Dyed lashes + curler = no need for mascara every day! Brilliant for those cozy days at home!

The trick of a good natural looking curl is to curl 3 times on each eye: base, mid-lash, tip. For extra hold on the curl, blast your curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds before using. Really works! 

5.     Do a juice detox! 

A juice detox is a brilliant way to get your body filled with antioxidants, eliminating toxins and losing the pounds. Plus, it gives your energy levels a real boost in the run up to the holidays.

I do one every year - this year I'm doing the one above (order online for home delivery after 48 hours in US).

Try to find a friend to do it with - that way it's much easier to stay motivated and not cheat! :) 

6.     Sultry eye party essentials!  

These 3 products are my must-haves to create a party perfect eye in a few minutes: 

1. With the Pixi Lash Line Ink, start by making dots as close to the lash line as possible; then - using short strokes - connect the dots. A foolproof and easy way to get a smooth sharp line to define your eyes. It also makes lashes look so much thicker. 

2. Now take the two cream-to-powder shadows from Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen Duo and enhance eyes. Apply the taupe shade just above the liquid liner, under eye and in the crease, tap-blending with your finger. Next, take the highlighting shade and apply to center of lid, browbone and inner corner of eye. 

3. Finally, for super-duper defined & lush lashes, my new favorite mascara is from POPbeauty. It's genius! Every application is fresh due to the twist-up, totally airtight pen & the comb applicator makes my lashes look like fake ones - but in a good way! This deep grey-blue colour (Inky Indigo) is my favorite as it really brightens & brings out my blue eyes. Also try this on top of black mascara on the tips of lashes for a really stunning effect! 

7.     Buy a NEW Makeup Palette!

Perfect for travelling or to use at home, it has been said that makeup palettes are a busy woman's best friend. Who am I to argue with that?!
Find Pixi Early Bird Kit at: 

Our limited edition holiday palette contains 3 blush colours (golden peach, fresh pink, rose) and 16 eye shades from highlighting to deep definition in flattering shades you will find yourself reaching for everyday! We have also included 4 base colours for eyes (or face) in nude tones that are great to blend with or use as base colour / highlighters. Finally, you also get 3 silky face powders (nude, bronze and glow) that are perfect to sculpt & enhance the face.  

All of the shades are mixed to achieve a maximum awakened/energized/pretty look - basically the concept is look like an early bird even if you slept in a little! :) 


8.   Have a spa night!

Plan a girl’s spa evening at home for some free pampering & feel-good gossip!

I love our Pixi Line Relax Serum ( When I'm feeling stressed at work, it shows on my face immediately. I dot this serum on top of my makeup during the day - it hydrates, brightens, softens and has a unique "natural botox" type of complex that penetrates the skin and actually makes the muscles underneath it relax. It's my holiday season miracle-in-a-bottle for sure!


9.     Get lots of beauty sleep!

Find the ultra-comfy Hastens beds at:

You know the rules: no TV, a long hot bath, lavender oil on the pillow, fresh cool room, dark & silence, no food after 7, a brisk walk in the fresh air before bedtime, 10 minute stretching, a glass of milk, zzzzzzzzzz. 

Nothing like a good night's sleep to bring out our natural beauty! Hastens beds, like the one pictured above, are the most comfortable beds in the world! 

10.     Do your gift shopping online in good time for shipping - saves a lot of time & stress!

Try the below links for some cute ideas for anyone on your list:



Kids / Teens:

Young Adults / Artsy Types:

Yourself (after all, you have to indulge yourself too!):

Look out for my "best gifts" list soon - right here on my blog which, by the way, now has 50,000 readers! Thank you all for joining me and reading my musings every week!!! :)

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