As a mum, makeup artist, and PIXI creator, my life is bursting at the seams with inspirations & impressions. I live my life by the motto “live love & laugh” and whether I am working or focusing on my family, I try to infuse passion and creativity into everything I do. Here I hope to share with you some of my ideas of all things beautiful.
With love, Petra

Friday, September 28, 2012

Amazing Amethyst

This month, a favorite style magazine - InStyle - featured one of our new Nail Colours for fall, Amazing Amethyst. We love this shade - it's just dark enough to be a bit moody for fall but has a hint of brightness so that it's still eye-catching. Gorgeous!

Find Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen at:

Also in the amethyst colour family, our Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackTulip is the perfect fall update to your eyelining routine. A deep black-based shade with lilac glimmer, it's a great way to add a gorgeous, understated hint of colour to your look. Try smudging it slightly to really bring out the amethyst hue.

The ladies above know how to work amethyst into their makeup - follow their lead and match with subtle neutral lips & cheeks for a perfectly pretty effect. Don't be scared to add a touch of colour - it really brightens & wakes up the whole face!

Tell me - what's your favorite way to wear amethyst?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fake Awake Makeup

12 years ago, we opened our Pixi store in London with a saying in the window:
“I just want to look like I’ve had a good night’s sleep”

Maybe not much of a marketing plan :)…but it was true! True to what I wanted to achieve with my brand and true to what I myself wanted to look like. I figured many women like me must feel the same way, and it worked! Everybody who walked past came in and said “What is that product? I need some!”

We always have kits, products and colours designed to awaken – one of our current best ones (and recent Nylon Magazine award winner) is the Fake Awake Kit below.

Basically, this kit is a makeup minimalist’s dream – you have 4 concealing and correcting creams, setting powder, lid & cheek tone powder (the powders are so silky, I just smooth them on with my fingertip – no tools needed), a wand with a raspberry red cheek & lip stain, and a glowing natural pink lip gloss.

This kit really is all you need for a quick fix in the morning before taking kids to school, after a long flight, or just for a pick-me-up midday on top of your normal makeup.

Windows to the soul!


Tip 1: Line inner rim with a flesh-coloured liner to open up eyes.
This magic liner wand is a must-have in any makeup bag!
It’s a nude flesh colour that can be used inside your eyes – it really is effective for making eyes look larger and the eye whites whiter.
Also works wonders as a precision concealer & to outline and highlight lip contour.

Tip 2: Cut out undereye darkness with this apricot-hued highly pigmented cream. To be even more of a makeup minimalist – or to cover some undereye sins – this is my rescue pot.


Awakening 101

Find Smartwater, Visine, Say Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel & Emergen-C at:

These essentials are always in my hand luggage when I travel and with me on any photoshoots that I do.

Find Illuminating Tint & Conceal at:

These are my picks for a quick wide-awake Pixi look:
  1. I even out skintone with tinted moisturizer and concealer. I can’t live without Illuminating Tint & Conceal (no joke!) – it’s my primer, SPF, moisturizer and foundation all in one.
  2. I smudge a light champagne coloured eye liner – I use Endless Silky Eye Pen in OysterGlow – into inner corners of eyes and just under inner half of lower lash line.
  3. I curl lashes & apply a black blue mascara (waterproof will hold the curl best) – the black blue pigment will make the eye whites look whiter. I always use Lash Booster in Blackest Blue for this.
  4. To finish, I sweep a vivid pink lip & cheek cream onto lips and apples of the cheeks. Succulent Lip Twin is my go-to.

Here’s the finished look!

What are your top tricks to look awake?