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Monday, May 7, 2012

Red & White Stripes

Not sure what it is, but every spring I get this obsession with red & white stripes…here are some of the best!

Charming, natural, innocent, lovely Marilyn Monroe - the ultimate American girl next door. I adore this photo - her pose, her slightly frizzy hair, the summer-striped bikini & the dewy red lips - so pretty & charming!

I think it's a good thing to mix it up - team a bit of glamour with some casual, keep things fresh.

This is the perfect, room-for-everything, super casual summer bag! Throw everything in, including the picnic supplies!

While thinking about the beach...if you want to channel your inner Marilyn, I found this great bikini from Asos!


Although I'm dreading the moment when other humans are going to have to see me in a bikini, if I’m going to do it, it's going to be this one!

For an after-beach cocktail...finally!...watching the sunset in this dress is my pick.

Love it when you can tie the waist & hide the rest!
By issa –

Summer Red Lips, Marilyn Style

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Well, I'm not exactly Marilyn, but this is how I do a retro red lip that lasts:
  1. Prime area surrounding lips with a neutral skintone primer - you want to cut out any redness around the lips (I use Pixi Eye Bright Primer).
  2. Next, trace just outside of your lip contour with a waterproof nude eye crayon (I love Pixi Eye Bright Liner).
  3. Now to highlight the shape of your lips, trace just above your cupid's bow and just below your bottom lip very softly with a shimmery highlighting pencil & blend well (our new Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow works great!).
  4. Now apply your favorite red lipstick or stain and, if needed, finish with a touch of good old Vaseline for a hint of dewy glow with a not-too-glossy finish.

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Most lip colours have a red pigment or tint in them - here are some of our Pixi favorites in a spectrum from nude-red to pink-red, rosy-red, real tomato red and berry red.

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My first job was at H&M (still love the brand!) and from a young age, fashion was one of my biggest took a while before I discovered the power of makeup :)

One of the first things I noticed about fashion was that accessorizing is a great way to update your look without spending too much...especially with SHOES!

In shoes I value comfort above all, but I also like them to be stylish - I just bought these cute Pumas...

Try these with vintage boyfriend jeans, a crisp white V-neck & an old well-worn leather belt.

Red Stripes at Home

After a long walk in my new shoes, what is better than a rest? Ahhh the perfect summer house bedroom for a nice siesta!

My favorite place in any house is usually the bed! And if its red and there is some stripes in there - 
its a winner!

And after a nice nap - time for my 2nd favorite place in the house - the bathroom!
Not sure you can beat this vintage painted bath tub with the gorgeous tile-gone-modern wallpaper.

Every Room Needs a Focal Point

A great way to go green is to buy vintage, old and antique things for the house!

When we moved to London from Sweden more than 15 years ago, the first thing I did was to paint our front door bright lacquered red - fitting for the newly wedded couple we were at the time.

It's the perfect LOVE-red - so cheerful and inviting, it instantly turns a house into a home.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

Hmmm think I'll wear red tomorrow :)

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