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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Celebrities Love Pixi!

Pixi was featured on TV's Extra last week - I'm so excited to share it with you!

See the video at the link below:

Super-model-stunning in real life (and also on TV, of course), I hope we charmed host Maria Menounos into becoming a Pixi fan for life :)

These two handsome men don't need any makeup or help from us!

If you missed the giveaway on the show, you still have a chance! Sign up for Extra's giveaway here:

Find out more about Pixi's holiday collection & purchase at:

And since we're on the subject of celebrities, here are a few more Pixi admirers...

Get Kristin's favorite Pixi product, Eye Bright Kit at:

I met up with Kristin Chenoweth at NY Fashion Week not long ago - what a lovely, super-talented lady! She radiated warmth & beauty inside and out. 

She told me she swears by the Eye Bright Kit and I have to say, I'm with her! Such a handy flaw-fixer - we all need one sometimes!

Find Pixi kits like the one Angie has above at:

Angie Harmon is a stunning beauty - and clearly, as we can see here, she has impeccable taste in makeup! :)

Find this & other shades of Succulent Lip Twin at:

Tiffani Thiessen is a fan of our Succulent Lip Twin in Opal Orchid and who can blame her? It's our bestselling Succulent Lip Twin shade and is so convenient for both stars & non-famous Pixi lovers alike - with a cream colour for lips & cheeks in the cap + a tinted lip balm in the tube, it's very handy to take on-the-go.

 Find this & other shades of Succulent Lip Twin at:

Kyle Richards also loves Succulent Lip Twin! I have to say, there has always been a side of me that wanted to be a housewife!

 Find Pixi kits like the one Jennifer has above at:

Jennifer Coolidge - what a hilarious lady & great actress. She loves our famous Pixi kits.

Find this & other shades of Succulent Lip Twin at:

 Another Succulent Lip Twin lover! The beautiful Garcelle Beauvais.

 Find Pixi kits like the one Brittany has above at:

Last but not least, the gorgeous & talented Brittany Snow is a Pixi fan too!

Now that you've seen some of the stars' Pixi picks, tell me what YOUR favorite Pixi product is!

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