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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sensational Straw

In my world, straw is less about agriculture and more of – you guessed it a COLOUR!!! And a very useful colour!
Here are some of my favorite straw-related things:

My childhood summers were spent on a farm in Sweden, and I used to get to ride on the hay trolley from the fields to the farmhouse. Sooo much fun!


Moving swiftly from the field to more glamorous outings, maybe to the airport or the city for a spot of shopping therapy!

The Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 catwalk was decked out in fabulous farm straw decor.

If Chanel isn't in your budget, how about this cute dress from Spanish brand Zara?

A bit of cream-coloured lace is the perfect base for straw accessories - it's pretty but not too "cutesy"! I've been wearing the dress above SO much this summer!

These straw-coloured shoes go with everything & are super comfy!

Get them at:


Super natural makeup

As much as I love bright makeup accents, I think there is something so chic & timeless about soft neutrals - especially in the summer. 

These golden-beige shades are lovely and natural, but still add a stunning brightening effect:
All Over Magic in Brightening Radiance:
Catching Shadow Crayon in Beaming Reflection:

The straw shade eyeshadow below is a makeup bag staple of mine - super useful as an all-over wash of colour to even out lids & add a soft, glowy sheen instantly. 

 Fairy Light Solo in French Lace:

The Finishing Touch

To get a gorgeous brightening effect around the eyes, all you need is an ivory-coloured eye pencil.

How to:
Once you have finished your eye makeup, add 3 dots of a light-hued liner (my favorite is the beautiful Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in OysterGlow) in a sideways "v" shape at the inner corner of the eye & blend.

This really opens up the eye, brightens and is a popular makeup artist trick for anybody that has cameras pointed at them a lot. It works equally well in normal daylight just to awaken the eyes and add a freshness without being too noticeable. For night, just add a touch more and make the "v" slightly larger. 


Straw Hats & Huts

I love a great straw hat - I have about 5! From cowboy style to city slick, I always pack one for my travels.

Perfect to hide behind or to use as a shield from the sun!

Since they are totally natural, they keep your head cool as you wear and you never overheat, even on a hot beach like the one below!

A favorite resort in Nicaragua:

I am dreaming of a beach holiday right now...where are you dreaming of going?


  1. Fantastic post Petra! I completely agree with you about the timeless beauty of soft neutrals. And I just adore your products. Très chic! :) xx

    1. Hi Vicki-Marie, thank you for following my blog! So glad you're enjoying your Pixi products :)