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Friday, April 6, 2012

Yellow Yearning

Soooooo, it's finally EASTER...such fun!

Easter is pretty much all children's favorite tradition in Sweden. And in our family we love to keep up the old folk tradition of this bring-spring-on (and fast please!) holiday. To explain it simply - it's kind of like our Halloween.

We dress up as Easter witches (I'm serious!) & fly around on a broom (well we try!), knocking on doors, getting and eating lots of candy. We hide big cardboard eggs full of goodies and do very difficult Easter egg hunts around the garden (requires tons of drawings and riddles and planning - my mom is an expert!). It's a serious & exhausting competition, the winner finding his or her egg first - and its not easy, let me tell you!

Finally, and most importantly, we sit down to a big old-fashioned family dinner with perfectly roasted lamb, delicious potato gratin, glazed root vegetables and plenty of red wine. Swedish children's (and a quite a few grown-ups') favorite Easter dessert is Chocolate-Coconut Balls (find the recipe below).

Easter's key colour, of course, is yellow! Easter to me means that spring is here - time to tease the sun to shine again!

Here are some of my yellow inspirations that I hope will bring you a ray of sunshine:

"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun." - Vincent Van Gogh

Such a happy pretty painting!  

Fashion Icon

Classy lady, The Queen in spring yellow – always the trendsetter! Love the brick red lips with the yellow outfit.
As much as we all wish for some sun right now - we may have to deal with some April showers. One way to still spread some sunshine is to wear yellow sunglasses in the rain. Works for me!

Wearing yellow takes some guts, and is not always easy, but below is a simple-to-put-together look - wearable yellow fashion!
I loooove the sunny yellow top and then matching it with the nails just finishes it off brilliantly. Confident & stunning.


I love POP Beauty nail colour in Yellow - it's a fluoro funky yellow like I've never seen before!

With all this yellow my mind is drifting to...HOLIDAY HEAVEN!

Where else would you want to be than on a yellow umbrella beach in South of Europe!?

Now let's be serious for a moment, matching the umbrellas on the beach you are going to this summer is the key thing here & VERY important! Just a thought... :)

 Go to to find similar

Hmmmm...looking at the model above suddenly makes me kind of NOT want to go to the beach right now - so how about we go to the KITCHEN instead!

The first thing I did when I bought my first house was to paint the kitchen a sunshine yellow! 

I love a warm kitchen even when it’s cold outside. That's key & so inviting - you just want to flop down and stay around for that home cooked stew!
The above cozy country kitchen reminds me of that great, all natural, quick-to-make, family favorite Easter dessert I mentioned earlier.

As promised....

1 ¼ cup butter
1 ¼ cup sugar
3 ½ teaspoon vanilla powder
4 ¼ cup oats
¾ tablespoon cocoa powder
½ cup coffee (not powder – liquid)
Fresh coconut flakes (you roll the finished balls in this)

How to:
Mix butter, vanilla powder and sugar with your hands.
Add oats, cocoa and coffee (coffee is optional - I don’t use if I do this for children, obviously!)
Mix again for 5 minutes to an even dough.
Make small balls (duck egg size) and roll them in the coconut flakes.
Put in fridge until you want to eat them! Yum!

My Kitchen

Although not completely yellow, my kitchen currently has bright POPs of yellow which cheer everyone up - and the lemons are all from the garden!

All picked from here - my own gorgeous lemon tree!

Finally, I want to wish you all a wonderful Easter - or as we say in Sweden, "Glad Påsk!"

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